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Thread milling

TOP CNC relies on years of in-depth understanding of the machinery manufacturing industry. With the support of professional CAD / CAM software JDSoft SurfMill8.0, after a lot of practice and verification, the thread milling process of CNC high-speed machining centers has gradually matured. At present, CNC high-speed machining centers have been used for drilling and thread milling of aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other materials.

JDSoft SurfMill 8.0 provides a powerful programming module for thread milling

01 Path Function

By setting the basic parameters of the thread pitch, nominal diameter, and bottom hole diameter, and selecting the processing method, depth range, layered processing method, advance and retreat tool, thread milling cutter, etc., the software will automatically generate a reasonable and efficient processing path.
Special functions such as side margin setting, layer processing, and radius wear compensation can all guarantee the machining accuracy of the thread;
The layering method of "uniform cutting amount" generates the layered path according to the same cutting amount, the cutting depth is getting smaller and smaller, and the processing effect is better;
The "lateral feed" option in the layering method is mainly used for processing hard materials, which can fully reduce the radial force during processing, avoid vibration, and increase tool life;
When the thread is being milled due to the tool giving up phenomenon, which results in a single machining failure and multiple machining operations, the software can realize multiple machining, especially when processing hard materials;
For the comb-shaped thread milling cutter with avoidance, the axial division function is also provided, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.

02 taper thread processing

Provide standard cone taper for users to choose, and support user-defined taper.
03Support multi-tooth thread cutter processing

In addition to conventional thread milling cutters, the software supports multi-tooth and multi-pitch thread cutter generation paths to meet different processing needs.
Compared with the traditional tapping method, the CNC high-speed machining center has many advantages in thread milling

01 Good surface quality

Compared with extrusion forming by tapping, the surface quality of high-speed milling is better.

02 Higher dimensional accuracy

Program interpolation can be easily adjusted to make the dimensional accuracy of the thread higher, especially in precision thread processing. A customer uses a CNC high-speed machining center to process 4H-grade threads, the material is S136 hardened material with hardness HRC52, and the thread model is M5 × 0.35. As a result, the processed product fully meets the standards, and the main parameters such as the inner diameter, outer diameter and tip width of the thread are accurate. All reached μ grade.

03Good stability, safe and reliable

During tapping, if the tap is broken in the workpiece, the broken tap needs to be broken by electrical pulses. It is likely that the workpiece will be scrapped because the tap cannot be taken out. However, when the thread milling cutter is broken during thread milling, the processing process is very simple, thereby reducing the probability of similar scrapped workpieces to zero.

04Higher processing efficiency

CNC high-speed machining centers have obvious advantages in milling large diameter threads (threads higher than M25), small diameter threads (threads below M2), blind hole threads, and deep hole threads. In the common M3 ~ M10 thread processing, combined with the TOP CNC professional tools, higher efficiency can be achieved: one M6 × 1 × 12 hole, aluminum alloy material, the processing time of the single-tooth cutter is 7 seconds. Vargus' multi-tooth tooling can be completed in 5 seconds, which is more efficient than tapping.
05Lower processing cost

Take the machining of aluminum alloy M3 × 0.5 × 8 thread as an example, using a CNC high-speed machining center for milling, the price of the tool is 200 yuan, about 3000 holes can be processed, and the cost of each hole is more than 6 cents; using YAMAHA taps, the tap price is 100 yuan About 1200 holes can be processed, and the cost of each hole is more than 8 cents! On the other hand, a thread milling cutter can take into account a variety of threads within a certain range, and also reduces the cost of the tool to a certain extent.
06Good at machining difficult-to-cut materials

For materials that are difficult to tap, such as stainless steel and titanium alloy, CNC high-speed machining center milling can be more easily realized, and the processing efficiency and effect are better than the tapping method. Thread milling is actually an internationally used thread processing solution. In recent years, with the rapid development of related technologies, many companies have accepted this processing method. CNC high-speed machining centers now have this machining capability, and we also provide a complete set of machining processes and continuous technical support.